We are passionate about meeting business needs with efficient solutions.

We want to make your life easier!

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We have created many solutions over the years.

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Business Call claim

Categorise numbers on your phone as either business or personal. This enables you to send your manager a list of all your business calls for the month with the tap of a single button.

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3D Model Library

A web based 3D Model Library that allows you to manage the 3D Models, attach specification sheets. This then provides the options for the users of the system to download zipped bundels of files related to each 3D Model.

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Device Insight Management is used to track your spend on your telephony devices. Providing you the option of various reports.

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Online Forms

An easy online form capture solution. Used by many in the health industry to capture patient and staff screening. Safe, secure and efficient data capture.

About OrganiCode

Our focus is on building lasting, organic, growing relationships with our clients through code.
We want to partner with you to provide software solutions that solve your challenges in a simple and effective manner.

We have worked on solutions across many different sectors ranging from financial to freight management to telephony.
We have recently delved into Crypto Currency development and begun learning about "big data" technology.

If you are wondering "can I do this in a System"? Chat to us.

Core Values

  • beenhere
  • beenhere
  • beenhere
    Hard work
  • beenhere

We are here to provide awesome solutions.

"Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success."


What We do, We do Well and Passionately!

We are here to make your life easier. Systems are often over complicated with many points of failure. We like to keep things as simple as possible.

Web based system development

Systems to manage stock levels, client engagements or support any business process you might have.


We can integrate various systems or advise on which products can integrate with others to make your business processes seamless.

Mobile Applications

Apps to showcase your products, track your employees, log travel or anything else.


Process files, send out automatic emails and invoices. Any repetitive task that you wish your computer could do for you.

Computer Programs

Windows Applications that run on your computer or server to support a business process.


Consulting on maintenance and modification of existing systems.

Our Process

  1. Analyse Requirements - Here we meet with a potential customer and get to know their business and the processes within their business
  2. Design - We come up with a solution to meet a need within the business.
  3. Implementation - The actual coding work to create the solution is done in this phase.
  4. Verfication - We present the product to the client and get feedback, adjusting where needed.
  5. Maintenance - We're around for the long term and here to look after you and the solution.

Let Our Skills speak for Us

Having been in the Software and Web development space for in excess of a decade we've gathered many skills and are still learning.

Microsoft .Net - C#, Visual Basic
Html, CSS, JQuery, Javascript
Mobile Development
Microsoft SQL, MySQL, SQLite

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We'd love to discuss your needs and get to know you better so that we can see how we can make technology work for you.

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Based in Vereeniging


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